Just A Darn Fun Event

Virtual + Hybrid 60 minutes 10 - 1000 guests $40 per person
Unleash the laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments with Just A Darn Fun Event! Step into a virtual gathering that combines the vibrant atmosphere of happy hour and the thrill of game night at the pub, all in one incredible experience.

With our charismatic host at the helm, prepare for an hour of non-stop entertainment, as they lead a variety of engaging games, share captivating stories, and foster genuine connections among your team members. Get ready to let loose, engage in friendly competition, and create lasting memories that will strengthen your bonds.

Just A Darn Fun Event is designed to deliver maximum enjoyment and team bonding in a compact 60-minute package. It's the perfect choice for groups seeking a quick dose of exhilaration and shared experiences that will energize the team spirit.

While we can't predict every twist and turn, one thing is for certain—your team is in for a darn fun time! Expect surprises, delightful moments, and plenty of laughter as you immerse yourself in this unique virtual gathering. It's an opportunity to break free from the routine and let the joy of connection and playfulness take center stage.

So, gather your team, bring your enthusiasm, and get ready to experience a truly unforgettable event. Just A Darn Fun Event guarantees laughter, connections, and an hour packed with pure enjoyment. Get ready to make memories that will leave your team smiling long after the event is over. Let the fun begin!

Your Host Team

Lead Host

This experience is led by an expert teambuilding.com host that makes sure everyone participates and has a great time.


A co-host manages the technical aspects and "behind the scenes" work so that it all runs smoothly.

VIP Support

VIP Support is your point of contact before the experience and handles any follow up tasks.

Client Advisor

Your client advisor can help with customizations, large groups and multi-event packages. Schedule a call.

Your Experience

  • 60 minutes with a professional teambuiding.com host.
  • Takes place on our Zoom account by default.
  • Includes all game materials for effective team building.
  • We take fun team photos you can share anywhere.
  • Features high-energy team connection.

How it Looks

Your Agenda

We maximize the time allocated to fun, and save a few minutes as buffer in case anything comes up.

Welcome + intro 5 minutes
Multiple high-energy, high-stakes activities and no-holds-barred team bonding 55 minutes
Total 60 minutes

Optional Addons

Cost Type
Per Guest

Video Platform

By default your experience takes place on our upgraded Zoom account.
You can select another platform at no additional cost.

Experience Format

How will your guests attend this experience?

Optional Gratuity

The most common gratuity is $75, and 100% is distributed to your team's host(s).
You can also select $0 and decide later.

Special Requests

Things to Know

  • You can book for an estimated # of guests and add or remove people later. Removed guests are credited to your account and any additional guests are invoiced at the per person rate.
  • All participants must have a computer with web cam, microphone, web browser, and internet connection capable of doing a video call. No downloads required.
  • If your group is joining us in a hybrid format, we recommend all in-person participants join from one conference room!
  • For larger groups of more than 120 attendees, we may recommend dividing your participants into multiple concurrent sessions.

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You can reschedule at no additional cost until 7 days before your event.

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If something isn't working during your experience, we will fix it within minutes.

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