Find Your Perfect Team Experience


The Great Guac Off™

In-Person $80 pp Popular

The world's #1 guacamole making competition for team building.

Museum Hack Scavenger Hunt

In-Person $100 pp

Experience famous museums in a fresh and irreverent way.

Museum Hack Tour: Metropolitan Museum of Art

In-Person $100 pp

A wildly entertaining guided-tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

The Art of Storytelling Workshop (In-Person)

In-Person $100 pp

Learn to tell better stories in a professional (and fun) workshop.

Ultimate Game Show (In-Person)

In-Person $50 pp

Live out your team's game show dreams with fan favorites like Coworker Feud & Price Hike.

Mix n' Mingle (In-Person)

In-Person $60 pp

A guided networking event with fun activities that spark real connection.

Espionage! (In-Person)

In-Person $60 pp

A social deduction game with puzzles, challenges and sabotage.

Field Day

In-Person $80 pp

An updated take on the childhood classic that gets your team to enjoy friendly outdoor competition. 

High Line Scavenger Hunt

In-Person $50 pp

Trivia and photo prompts that lead teams through a Manhattan-railroad-spur-turned-city-park.

Ultimate Trivia Showdown (In-Person)

In-Person $50 pp

A hosted mashup of classic gameshow challenges we bring to your space.

Superhero Academy (In-Person)

In-Person $60 pp

An in-person version of our comic-book-themed team competition.

Museum Hack Holiday Scavenger Hunt at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

In-Person $100 pp

Explore one of the world's best museums during the holidays. 

Ultimate Holiday Game Show (In-Person)

In-Person $50 pp

All the classic game show vibes with a festive twist.

Gingerbread Games (In-Person)

In-Person $80 pp

Crown your office's Gingerbread Games champion as you join us for an exciting end-of-year celebration that re-energizes and brings together your team.

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