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Virtual Experiences

Online Office Games

Virtual + Hybrid $40 pp Popular

A triathlon of virtual activities with 150,000+ participants to date.

Murder in Ancient Egypt

Virtual + Hybrid $40 pp Great for global teams

Work together on puzzles & solve a real (ancient) murder mystery.

tiny campfire

Virtual + Hybrid $70 pp

Virtual campfire games, ghost stories and real s'mores.

Pride Month: Ultimate Game Show

Virtual + Hybrid $40 pp

A game show competition that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community. donates $5 per guest to an LGBTQ+ philanthropy organization.

Online Office Games: Summer Games Edition

Virtual + Hybrid $40 pp Limited Edition!

A Summer Games-themed virtual triathalon. Who in your company will go for the gold?

Escape Everest: Quest for the Yeti

Virtual + Hybrid $40 pp

Can your team find the yeti and escape Everest? 


Virtual + Hybrid $40 pp Great for global teams

A social deduction game with puzzles, challenges, and sabotage.

Ultimate Game Show

Virtual + Hybrid $40 pp

Compete in fan favorites like Coworker Feud & Price Hike.

Ghost Hunt in the Haunted Mansion

Virtual + Hybrid $40 pp

An online escape-room-esque game in the famously haunted Winchester Mansion.

Office Feud

Virtual + Hybrid $20 pp

Spark friendly office rivalry inspired by a classic game show.

'90s Nostalgia Trivia: Individual vs Individual (45 min)

Virtual $20 pp New!

Don your denim, grab your Tamagotchis, and let's head back to the '90s in this virtual trivia melee.

Getting To Know Your Team Bingo

Virtual $20 pp New!

Perfect for teams new and old who want to foster a deeper connection together.

In-Person Experiences

The Great Guac Off™

In-Person $80 pp Popular

The world's #1 guacamole making competition for team building.

Museum Hack Scavenger Hunt

In-Person $100 pp

Experience famous museums in a fresh and irreverent way.

The Art of Storytelling Workshop (In-Person)

In-Person $100 pp

Learn to tell better stories in a professional (and fun) workshop.

The Super Salsa Off

In-Person $80 pp New!

Spice up your team building event with a competitive salsa-making social.

Office Jeoparty! (In-Person)

In-Person $40 pp New!

Our world-class game based on the classic fan favorite comes to your office.

Social Calendar: Wellness Bingo

In-Person $15 pp NYC & LA - Social Calendar Exclusive!

Foster higher levels of well-being in your workplace with our fun, innovative approach to workplace wellness.

Social Calendar: Pride Trivia & Rainbow Grilled Cheese Station

In-Person $15 pp NYC & LA - Social Calendar Exclusive!

Celebrate Pride with educational trivia & delicious festive rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches.

Social Calendar: Hot Sauce Challenge

In-Person $15 pp NYC & LA - Social Calendar Exclusive!

Are you ready to spice up your workplace?

Social Calendar: Pancake Art

In-Person $15 pp NYC & LA - Social Calendar Exclusive!

It's time for a team breakfast that looks (almost!) too good to eat!

Social Calendar: 10-Minute Escapes: Merlin's Wand

In-Person $15 pp NYC & LA - Social Calendar Exclusive!

The magic of Merlin's wand is near in this quick come-to-you escape room challenge.

Social Calendar: 10-Minute Escapes: Blackbeard's Treasure

In-Person $15 pp NYC & LA - Social Calendar Exclusive!

Unlock the mysteries of Blackbeard's Treasure in just 10 minutes. Can your team beat the clock?

Social Calendar: 10-Minute Escapes: The Vampire's Coffin

In-Person $15 pp NYC & LA: Social Calendar Exclusive!

Who on your team has what it takes to escape from the vampire's coffin before time runs out?

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