Ultimate Trivia Showdown (In-Person)

In-Person 90 minutes 15 - 1000 guests $50 per person
Get ready to ignite the spirit of friendly competition and forge stronger bonds among your hard-working employees with our exhilarating in-person team-building event: Ultimate Trivia Showdown! Assemble your team and prepare for an unforgettable experience filled with fun, excitement, and a variety of engaging trivia games and activities.

During this immersive event, your company will be captivated by a series of unconventional trivia challenges that go beyond the ordinary. From rapid-fire question rounds to interactive games and brain-teasing puzzles, every activity is carefully curated to spark excitement, promote collaboration, and strengthen the bonds within your team.

Ultimate Trivia Showdown is more than just a trivia competition; it's an opportunity for your employees to connect on a deeper level and discover new dimensions of teamwork. Our entertaining hosts will guide your team through each game and activity, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for everyone involved.

But the fun doesn't stop there! Ultimate Trivia Showdown offers a diverse range of trivia games and activities that cater to different interests and knowledge areas. From pop culture to history, science to sports, our event is designed to challenge and entertain everyone, creating an inclusive and dynamic experience for all participants.

So, gather your hard-working employees and prepare to embark on the Ultimate Trivia Showdown!

Your Host Team

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This experience is led by an expert teambuilding.com host that makes sure everyone participates and has a great time.


A co-host manages the technical aspects and "behind the scenes" work so that it all runs smoothly.

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Your Experience

  • 90 minutes with a professional teambuiding.com host.
  • Includes all game materials for effective team building.
  • We take fun team photos you can share anywhere.
  • An epic night of team bonding unlike any trivia your team has ever done before.

How it Looks

Your Agenda

We maximize the time allocated to fun, and save a few minutes as buffer in case anything comes up.

Welcome + intro 10 minutes
Games and challenges like Majority Rules, General Knowledge Trivia, The Champion Challenge, + Smarty Pants Ultimate Trivia 60 minutes
Announce Winning Team + Wrap Up 10 minutes
Buffer 10 minutes
Total 90 minutes

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Things to Know

  • You can book for an estimated # of guests and add or remove people later. Removed guests are credited to your account and any additional guests are invoiced at the per person rate.
  • You provide the space, we'll bring the energy!
  • The space should have: small tables for groups, a hand-washing/sanitizer station, open windows recommended for indoor spaces, and the ability for your hosts to arrive 15-30 minutes prior to your event for set-up.

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